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1.    Market Position is the Key to Recruting Top Talent

2.    It's All in the Package
        Firms competing for top candidates must first define their character

3.    What Works in Today's Legal Workplace
        Firms With Formalized Plans to Enhance Diversity Reap Rewards

4.    "Compensation, Workload, Job Satisfaction:"
        What does Sarbanes-Oxley Really Mean to General Counsel?

5.    Smaller Firms Rise to Compensation Challenge

6.    Deep Pockets Don't Matter:
        Match Your Firm's Strengths to Candidates' Wish Lists

7.    The Inside Scoop on Media and Entertainment Law

8.    Preparing to Survive a Dead End Job

9.    Things aren't Often What They Seemed…
        How Have You Fared Since Your Lateral Move?

10.    The Questions you ask and how you ask them

11.    Is this a dead end job?

"Carrie Printz is a tremendous resource in terms of perseverance, dedication and commitment to her clients. She puts her clients at ease with what can be a disconcerting process."

Chris Pushaw
Montgomery McCracken, Walker & Rhodes
J.D., Yale Law School