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David Carrie Partnership Placement Group: Experience, Discretion, Network, Guidance
  • Law firms rely on us to help with their strategic growth through the recruitment of leading practitioners, significant groups and key acquisitions
  • Partners rely on us to help them identify and navigate the search for their best move
Nothing in the law firm-partnership relationship is more important than identifying and integrating a partner’s practice into the firm’s culture for the best fit to assure growth and success.
Savvy partners and law firms alike recognize the complexity of moving a practice. From the partner side, it is critical to work with an experienced team with a strong track record to help effectively navigate through this process. From the firm’s perspective, this is vital to their business planning and must consistently receive the focus and due diligence required to find the best match and "seal the deal."
Management at sophisticated law firms, as well as savvy partners seeking to make a move, recognize the importance of relying on advisors who have been instrumental in successfully navigating through the process many times to assure their interests are well represented and they make the best decisions.
Here is where we help. Our Partner Placement Group is led by Eric Sivin, a pioneer in partner placement with more than 30 years of experience helping savvy partners and law firms join together. Whether you are looking to move your practice, or you represent a law firm looking to acquire a practice, we can help guide you to success.