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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the most common reasons attorneys decide to make a lateral move to another firm?
Most attorneys cite lifestyle issues, more responsibility, different types of clients and cases, better partnership prospects and a more collegial atmosphere as their reasons for deciding to make a lateral move to another firm
When am I most marketable to firms?
You are most marketable after a minimum of one year of experience. The bulk of opportunities are for associates with a minimum of two to five years of experience.
Should I ever resign before lining up another job?
Never. If you do, you invite serious scrutiny. A firm may doubt your judgment and commitment to practice or, worse, assume you were asked to leave. When competing with hundreds of other applicants, a period of unemployment, without mitigating circumstances, can characterize you as an undesirable risk.
How easy is it to return to a firm after I go in-house or leave the law?
Once you leave law firm life, it is often difficult to return. As someone who has already shown an interest outside of a law firm, firms may question your commitment, and view you as a flight risk. If you are resolved to leave, but believe you might want to return to private practice, leave your firm on the best possible terms. Hopefully, the door will remain open for a return.
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