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You have established standards and practices to position your firm at the top of the legal profession. It is the same with us. We cannot do anything but perform at the highest level to keep you satisfied. We do this every day.
Seal the Deal
Whether you are new to recruiting or an experienced pro it is always worthwhile to review current issues and practices.Hiring the best attorneys to fill positions in your firm is at the very least a competitive process. Top candidates have choices. While your firm is a buyer it must also sell candidates on the value of becoming part of your team.This process begins well before you even meet the first candidate. It demands planning an effective strategy to attract the individuals most suited to succeed at your firm. Here are some of the things we have learned from our clients about how they work to hire the attorneys they want
Answers to questions you should ask us
Selecting a search consultant demands the same due diligence you put into hiring associates to join your firm. We have listed the most common issues clients have addressed prior to working with us.
Candidate Evaluation Checklist
This guide is a compilation of interview questions and techniques we have found to be most effective in evaluating candidates.
"David Carrie LLC has given me great advice on everything from what law school classes to take, to which firms to interview with."

David Sinkman
1L, Georgetown University Law Center